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A new narrative for casual and delivery dining in Milan

META is a food collective made of 5 kitchens and a coffee shop, inhabited by Michelin star chefs and gastronomical innovators, serving superior quality food and drinks, in line with sustainable principles, at reasonable prices.

All our menus are available in our food court or in takeaway and delivery exclusively through our app: META Merging Taste


Eat in. Take away. Delivery.

On our app you can find your favorite food from our different kitchens and select if you want to eat in our location, pick up your order or request for delivery. Your order will never go missing with our precise tracking integration.


Exclusive for Milan location

Join us in our food court with 80 seats in Via Bonvesin de la Riva 3, Milan, where you can order from all our exclusive partners, from breakfast, to lunch to aperitivo and dinner, ending with post-dinner drinks.

Multiple Kitchens


Orsonero Coffee is known as one of the main drivers of the specialty coffee scene in Milan due to their knowledge of high quality and sustainable coffee sourcing as well as their expertise in alternative extraction methods, which made Canadian Barista Brent Jopson pioneer of the Milanese “Third Wave” of coffee. We are honored to host Orsonero in META’s exclusive retail room, where they offer a variety of specialty coffee and single origin blends, accompanied by a selection of pastries and cookies.


Uovodiseppia is the space run by the two Michelin-starred chef Pino Cuttaia, one of the great masters of Italian cuisine, fruit of his background, blending his Sicilian origins with his formative years in Piedmont. Uovodiseppia's street food menu includes arancino scomposto, fresh pasta, involtini di spada and the iconic cannolo.


Rare was born from the META team's desire to experiment with innovative cooking technologies. Through our infrared oven, for instance, we are able to replicate the cooking technique of burning embers but in a static environment, maintaining the juiciness, flavor and nutritional values ​​of different types of food, from meat to fish and vegetables.


META's research and development team created Young Rice to reinterpret rice in an innovative way by embracing a variety of international cuisines and cooking techniques. In our space you can find a sensational range of dishes, from the Milanese risotto with guancia di manzo to Asian-inspired rice boxes, to vegetarian and vegan options and other gourmet experiments.


It’s born from the will to enache all kind of vegetable in any kind of way. All the vegetable are placed at the center of high level cusine, which seeks to exalt the choice of a raw ingredients of quality. Veta, proposal is a varied menu which experiment differents techniques of cooking vegetables, legums and cereals.

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